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Did We Just Agree to Rules for Remote in NYC?

September 1, 2021 pm30 7:04 pm

I am not sure:

  • This document is dated, I believe, incorrectly
  • There are no signatures
  • This could be a draft
  • It could be one of the sides’ negotiating positions

Or it could be the actual deal. Take a look.

Notice a few things about set up.

  • Digital platform set up in advance (by October 1)
  • One Day of Emergency Remote Lessons to be uploaded in advance (by October 1)
  • We get paid an extra $225 for doing this work. (Is it pensionable? Probably not)
  • Nothing else has to be uploaded in advance

Some more things about using the platforms

  • Use them for parent teacher conferences
  • Use them on snow days (synchronous)
  • Use them if the classroom or school is shut (synchronous)
  • Use them to create asynchronous lessons for quarantined students
  • use them for synchronous instruction if the teacher is quarantined but able to work remotely
  • There is also an office hours requirement for quarantined students

If I’m reading this correctly, no simulcasting.

Have at it. Tell me what you find.

And remember, I have no idea if this is the agreement, a rejected agreement, a draft… but it sounds like the sort of things they might come up with.

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