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A Clear Line

September 15, 2020 am30 12:33 am

Sometimes a situation can be complicated and murky.

A month ago that’s how the DoE’s school reopening plans may have looked.

Today? No. We know what’s in the plans. There are six days to make side deals and little arrangements and come to understandings – but we see the picture.

Thus the line. The clear line.

Are school’s ready to open? Or close enough that we can make a few adjustments to get them there, and we should fight hard for those adjustments?

Or are schools not safe to open? And we should be fighting to keep them remote.

The majority of teachers I interact with, the vast majority, think we should go remote.

What about you? Do you think we should fight to go remote? Or should we spend the next week fighting for a safe September 21 opening?

Most Chapter Leaders I speak with – they think we should be fighting for remote. Most union officials think we should be remote.

But our union president? He is so focused on making a 9/21 in the building opening…  It’s time for him to say it.

Should we be fighting for a safe 9/21 opening? Or should we be fighting for full remote? Which is our priority?

The teachers think we should go remote. That’s true. And that’s what we need to hear our union president say.

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