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1st NYC school planning all-remote for September – more will follow

July 22, 2020 pm31 8:48 pm

Gotta start somewhere. NEST+ is planning to go all-remote. Carranza will say no. But that’s only the first.

New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School is a highly regarded Manhattan K-12 school. They’re going to get attention. They’re reasoning will be good. They will better serve their community, while keeping their community safe. And Carranza will say no.

There are many other schools that would prefer to be all remote. All of them? Probably not. There’s over 1800 public schools in NYC. Over 1500?  Easily. But Carranza’s “models” don’t allow all-remote, and most principals follow directions without question. Good principals.

There are many schools, largely high schools, but some middle schools, who are saying they can’t make a Carranza model work. They are whispering about going all-remote, or almost all-remote. If they apply for an exemption, Carranza says he will say no.

Teachers want to be safe. We want our students to be safe. We are thinking of urging principals to apply for all-remote anyhow. Yesterday Mulgrew told us not to.

Actually, Mulgrew had the perfect opportunity at yesterday’s UFT Town Hall to lead. He could have said “We should go remote” – that’s all he needed to say. Standing ovation. I guarantee it, he would have had one. But he didn’t say that. He said we need to plan for hybrid.

Principals probably want to be safe, too. I bet their union also told them not to apply for all-remote.

But now the ice is broken. We have a school going all-remote. There will be more, many more. Share this, or the NY Post article. Share them widely.

What does Arlo Guthrie sing every Thanksgiving? 1? Sick. 3? an organization? 50? A movement. We need a movement just now.

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