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NYC Programming Group

June 19, 2020 pm30 4:00 pm

Hey – this is like an advertisement.

I am a programmer (scheduler) and chapter leader. This summer we may have crazy programming issues coming up, and I’ve been kind of vocal about that. The DoE cannot program from the top. We need people in the schools who know their schools, who know how details work. If there are plans that will work in September, we are probably the ones who will find them. If there is a proposal that looks iffy, we are in the best position to evaluate whether or not it has a chance of success.

Gregory Levine, Program Chair at Long Island City High School agreed. We talked. He suggested making a group on facebook, so we did. Here’s the link, but I don’t know if you can get there directly with it.

Whether or not this group is productive depends in part on getting lots of good programmers together. Today we have 50 people, maybe 30 – 40 programmers. That’s not critical mass.

So the advertisement is this. If you are a programmer in NYC, join. If you are a teacher in a NYC school, ask your programmer to join. If you are a retiree, find the programmer you knew (if they are not retired), etc.

Thank you.

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