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Teacher Support Week

May 6, 2020 am31 6:20 am

Isn’t it Teacher Appreciation Week?  I actually like when my colleagues, students, parents, other teachers, and my supervisors let me know I’m appreciated.

And, not to let the moment pass – for any teacher reading this, I truly appreciate how hard you are working, under really lousy conditions. Day-to-day it is frustrating, but we know, we do.

But I got a note from Carranza. We all did. It wasn’t personal (it couldn’t be, no blame for that). He is grateful for our work, proud of what we do, and thanks us. And it pissed me off. I don’t mind getting thanked. I am furious not to be supported.

Look, we are all angry and frustrated with the circumstances that the Coronavirus has thrown us into. Is it fair to blame Carranza? For most of what has happened, no. But let’s just talk about support.

  • On March 17 – 19, he directed us to report to schools to plan for remote instruction. Where was the guidance for what we were supposed to produce?
  • On March 17 – 19 teachers were exploring on-line platforms. Where was the guidance for which platforms would be not allowed? (Most teachers chose Zoom, greatest functionality, most features, easiest to set-up, easiest to use.  April 3 we learned that the DoE would ban it, immediately, via text. Apparently lawyers did that. April 6 we were officially informed we would need to phase it out).
  • Remote learning takes different planning. Where was his guidance to principals to allow teachers more planning time?
  • Remote teaching takes enormous amounts of time to grade. Where was his directive to principals to allow X hours each day for planning and grading?  “Teachers will need at least 2 hours more than during normal times to plan and grade” That would have been supportive. But I think the number should be bigger than that.
  • When was Carranza going to crack down on principals who are demanding unreasonable work from teachers?

If he really wanted to show his appreciation, he would make it possible for us to do our jobs with reasonable expectations, and without unreasonable demands. Carranza could show appreciation for the job we do by doing his.


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