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Sneezes and Grades

April 29, 2020 pm30 12:09 pm

So your friend is certain he can get you to sneeze. A huge sneeze. A tremendous sneeze. He grinds some black pepper fine, wafts it into the air. You feel the sneeze start to build up. You tense up. He’s quite pleased with himself as he continues wafting. You feel the tension build, the sneeze is coming, you’re both waiting for it, he keeps wafting, you are telling him “just watch, it’s going to be huge.” A crowd gathers. Anticipation (and pepper) are in the air and… and, wait?

What happened?  Tension’s gone. Nose tickled for a second there. Was that it? You tell him perplexed “I think I sneezed” – he looks disappointed (as does everyone who has started to pay attention). “My nose tickled” They look sad. You correct your tone “I sneezed.” He smiles. “It was a tremendous sneeze!”

Now, everyone knows you are lying, but your friend is a good friend, and smiles bigger, and pretends to believe you. Here, let me stop trying to describe the situation, I have the friend’s words:

As we work to get through this crisis, the DOE, in consultation with the UFT and parent groups, decided that a standardized grading policy was necessary this year. The policy it designed recognizes the work that students have done, both in the classroom and during distance learning, while being sensitive to the challenges that many of our students and their families have faced during this pandemic….

We think this new policy strikes the right balance by incorporating the concerns of parents and educators at all grade levels.

Stay healthy and safe.

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  1. April 29, 2020 pm30 12:42 pm 12:42 pm

    Um, huh???

    • April 29, 2020 pm30 12:46 pm 12:46 pm

      Waited for a Big Announcement.
      And got nothing.
      Some people were apparently willing to pretend that it was a Big Announcement.


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