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Just a thought

November 23, 2019 pm30 9:00 pm

I avoided watching the impeachment hearings. I’m not a big theater guy, especially boring theater. But I broke down today, sometimes watching, sometimes playing in the background, hearing after hearing. Left me thinking.

Both major US parties, and many individual US politicians have on many occasions bought, threatened, cajoled, broken foreign laws, subverted foreign governments, etc.

That others have committed crimes similar to Donald Trump’s crimes does not unmake his crimes.

If after they get Trump, they want to go after Biden, that’s fine with me.

I know many who react  “Corrupt?” “but not illegal” “so let’s move on” rather than “Corrupt?” “but not illegal” “let’s be outraged!”

And what wrong? As a minimum he has traded on an implicit promise of influence with a major US politician to gain positions for which he was otherwise unqualified.

The drive to bring down Trump for corruption is weaker when some of those leading it are ok with other corruption.

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