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Sabbatical Applications Due March 17, 2016

March 1, 2016 am31 8:55 am

This from the UFT Chapter Leader Update:  Eligible teachers who want to study to enhance their teaching skills have until March 17 to submit an application via SOLAS for a study sabbatical for the 2016-17 school year. March 24 is the deadline for a principal’s recommendation to the superintendent. Coursework must be rigorous and related to your teaching assignment. All teachers are eligible for a one-year study sabbatical after 14 years of service. Junior high or high school classroom teachers with seven years on the job can also apply for a six-month study sabbatical for the spring semester only. Teachers earn 70 percent of salary during a full-year sabbatical and 60 percent of salary during a six-month sabbatical. Members can read guidelines and eligibility requirements in the sabbatical memo on the DOE website.

And this is from me:  I took a sabbatical, school year 2013-14. It was wonderful. I learned stuff in my classes. I got reminded what it’s like when material is hard, from the students’ point of view. I relaxed, caught up with friends and family, and travelled. I visited schools, for fun, and watched classes, for fun, and thought about how I teach.  And I came back healthier, younger, and a better teacher.

The financial side was not too bad. I dipped into savings, true. But that was mostly because I travelled so much. 70% of your pay is more than 70% of your take home, since your taxes go down a bunch.

Well worth it. If you are eligible, I urge you to apply. -jd

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 2, 2016 am31 8:52 am 8:52 am

    if i were to take a sabatical ad fail a class, what are the consequences- do you know?
    its been a while since ive been a student.

    • March 6, 2016 am31 11:33 am 11:33 am

      I don’t know what the consequences of going to class and failing would be. There’s nothing in the memo about that – you might call the UFT.

      I’m pretty confident that I’ve heard that failing for non-attendance is a disaster – that the person would owe the 70% of salary they earned that year.

  2. March 30, 2016 pm31 11:37 pm 11:37 pm

    Glad to hear yours was a success.

    So, I’m finishing my 14th year with the DOE. I’m very interested in taking a sabbatical. Problem is, I really want to travel and live somewhere for a year. Do you know where I can find information on acceptable foreign colleges?

    So far, I haven’t been able to figure out much…

  3. jeffrey brotherton permalink
    April 30, 2016 pm30 9:32 pm 9:32 pm

    Savvy comments – I loved the info . Does anyone know if I could possibly locate a blank MA DoR 1 version to work with ?

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