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Unjust, unfair firing of probationary teachers – give them a second chance.

August 30, 2014 am31 9:52 am


NEWS RELEASE   Contact: Greg Distefano    August 28, 2014     Phone: 718 757 4552

Unjust, unfair firing of probationary teachers – give them a second chance.

Press conference
Tuesday, September 2, 4:30 PM
in front of the Department of Education (Tweed), 52 Chambers Street.

Stephanie (Barchitta) Casertano  PS3 Staten Island and
Dana Parisi PS253 Brooklyn,
both discontinued,  will speak briefly, will deliver their appeals to Carmen Fariña, and will be available for interview.
Others may join them.

Under the Bloomberg / Klein administration, many principals were hired based on management, not educational/pedagogical skill. While some grew to be fine principals, hundreds remained incompetent and became abusive. And as probationers can be fired without cause, hundreds of probationary teachers were unjustly discontinued and prohibited from working anywhere in the NYC Department of Education.

The teachers here today could work elsewhere in the system – other principals want them. They spent many years of college preparation, and were fired without being given proper support. But they are unfairly barred. They are asking the Chancellor to review their discontinuances. And we urge the Chancellor to review all the discontinuances of incompetent principals.

New Action is a caucus within the United Federation of Teachers.

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  1. chaz permalink
    August 30, 2014 pm31 2:57 pm 2:57 pm

    According to Michael Mulgrew this is a different DOE. It looks to me its the same old “gotcha group” to me.

    • August 30, 2014 pm31 7:27 pm 7:27 pm

      So far, very disappointing. I am not giving up.

    • mikey asswipe permalink
      October 1, 2014 am31 11:44 am 11:44 am

      And, Chaz, the DOE still continues to implement the mikey bloomberg way of life atr system …. a system whereby educators such as social workers, guidance counselors and even Assistant Principals are rotated from school to school each week…This is a sick, demented cruel system implemented by a miserable, old hag who now is irrelvant sitting at home fighting with his old cruddy, dried up partner,…now our schools must fix the damage caused by the cruddy ole bloomberg and his devil in crime, joel klein….joel klein is a man who would not think twice of destroying anyones career for the benefit of his own sick warped mind

  2. sandie K permalink
    September 2, 2014 am30 8:31 am 8:31 am

    Its about time that the probationary teachers who were railroaded by Bloomberg and Klein, during their challenge to tenure, stand up and demand a review and appeal from this Board of Education. This group of probationary teachers were treated in a manner not consistent with the contract and/or regulations. Where was our Union? Our Union was in the rear pocket of the Board and City Hall and refused to assist and defend these probationary teachers.

    Sadly, my family member and children of friends and fellow teachers, suffered such injustices that their horror stories of mistreatment by incompetent principals, asst. principal and superintendents seems unreal. Burt they are real and were even condoned by Tweed and City Hall. Luckily for the new probationary teachers, this hatchet attitude has died down but the damage for unlucky probationers, who were stripped of everything, still remains.

    I will be at the rally and believe that every UFTer should be. Stand with one voice to support our fellow teachers who were ambushed in 2010. forced to sign away their rights to tenure under coercion and threat of firing from their principals and superintendents. Yes, this did happen, I know because I lived through this horror with family members. Get the word out – bloomberg wanted to dismantle our union and he started chipping at the tree with Klein. Sadly, competent young probationary teacher suffered and continue to suffer as a result of their hatchet job.

    Stand together and request that the Chancellor review and re-instate these teachers to their rightful status as appointees. To have the run pulled out from underneath you, after you have taught for four years with all Satisfactory Ratings and then denied tenure and discontinued- Unacceptable and totally against what our union stands for. Fair and equitable treatment for all its members – except, of course, if you are a probationary teacher !!!!!

  3. September 9, 2015 am30 8:14 am 8:14 am

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