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A Big Year

July 11, 2014 am31 11:50 am

For me, at least.

Turned 50.

Was on a full year sabbatical. Took courses. Math and Computer Science. Some were amazing. Also visited schools and classrooms (not part of what I promised to do, but something I wanted to do).

Traveled. Pittsburgh. Chattanooga. Boston. Buffalo. Morocco. Tallahassee. Tampa. Cuzco/Macchu Pichu/Lima. Cuba. Boca. And now LA. And soon Tucson. And maybe a little more before September.

Still managed to do a little union work. Attended DAs and High School Cttee meetings. Advised my chapter acting co-leaders. And co-chaired (with Kerry Dowling) the UFT Cttee on addressing Specialized HS admissions (organized by Academic HS VP Janella Hinds)

And about to finish my 30th year in New York. Almost a New Yorker. I should throw a party.

I didn’t write much about this during the course of the year, but now I’m ready.

I’ll start in the next few days with where I am now. LA. The AFT Convention.


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