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Remaining questions about health in the UFT contract

May 19, 2014 am31 7:36 am
  • How will the way we access benefits change?
  • Where will the health care savings come from?
  • What changes can the arbitrator make to our health care?
  • Where is the list of possible changes to health care that the City and the UFT agreed to?
  • Why did the UFT leadership wait until the Friday before the vote to release the MoA language on healthcare?


1. The way we access benefits may change (according to the UFT’s Frequently Asked Questions). How might that change?

2a. The Memorandum of Agreement (Original here, or health only here) makes health care savings, in the “Wages” section of the agreement, a material part of our contract. But where will the savings come from?

2b. If the health care savings targets are not met, an arbitrator will impose changes. (from The Memorandum of Agreement, Section 3.I. original here, or health only here). What changes is the arbitrator allowed to consider?

2c. Almost two weeks ago a leaked document from the City listed some areas of potential savings. Mulgrew mentioned this at the DA, said that we rejected that list.  Where is the list of potential savings that the UFT accepted?

3. Why did it take three days to release the MoA, but over two weeks to release the MoA language on healthcare?

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