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Pythagoras Day, 2013, again!

December 5, 2013 am31 10:40 am

Math teachers, don’t let this one pass. Today is (month)^2 + (day)^2 = (year)^2. These don’t happen so often, but they happen. We should take advantage of them.

Today paired up with this year’s other Pythagoras Day. When does that happen? Nice discussion, gives kids a chance to engage their smarts.

When’s the next one?

How many have they already lived through?

What would make a good PythDay greeting?

How many might they live through?  (Hint: is there a highest year in two-digit format that works?) (Query: can we use the four-digit year?)

How can we change the rules?

I’ve played this before. I’ll play it again (skipping a year…)

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