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Do Now

October 26, 2012 pm31 10:48 pm

Where do they dig these people up?

From Gotham Schools:  “Minetti noted that even though late bell had not yet rung to start class officially, students should be tackling the day’s “Do Now,” the prompt that many teachers across the city have used to kick off their classes since the Department of Education first mandated the “workshop model” in 2003.”

Do Nows were introduced with the workshop model in 2003?

There’s something very iffy about out-of-towners writing about (or running) NYC schools.

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  1. David Shulman permalink
    October 26, 2012 pm31 11:30 pm 11:30 pm

    Shadel Suransky served in a non descript small program masquerading as a high school in the Bronx when Ii was DR. They didn’t educate anyone thre. Touchy-feely was the MO. Another guy who has zero personal experience in a functioning high school now as the Academic Officer. Gag me!

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