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Rally to support discontinued Bronx teacher

May 5, 2012 pm31 8:32 pm

Rally for a discontinued probationary teacher? Yes, tomorow at Andrews and 183rd.

Probationary teachers in New York City are discontinued every week, and they rarely generate news stories. Some of the discontinuances are justified, some are unjustified, but the ex-teachers usually just go away quietly. Not Alice McIntosh.

McIntosh, a 50-year-old Black woman with masters in public health from Columbia and another in education from Pace, is not going away quietly. Her story was featured in the Daily News. And now that her appeal has been denied (by the same superintendent who signed off on the U rating!), her family and friends from New Day Church are rallying in her support.

The fact that McIntosh had favorable evaluations, but questioned the use of out-dated, non-relevant curriculum, should make people of good conscience highly suspicious.

Sunday, May 6, 1:30 – 2:30.  P10X@PS15 (2195 Andrews Avenue near W 183rd, the Bronx)

Click for press release:  McIntosh 5.6 Media Advisory.

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