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Old math video is not news

February 23, 2012 pm29 12:33 pm

Kind of by definition, right?  NEWs, you might assume, means NEW.

Our old friends at Gotham Schools don’t quite get it?  Last night they posted their little round-up, third link is to a video of a kid using some odd place value pictures to add four-digit numbers.

We know the date of the upload to YouTube. Over one year ago. We do not know if the video was recorded then, or far earlier

We do not know where the video is from. The accents are not from New York.

We do know what math program It goes after: TERC (also called Investigations).  To my knowledge, TERC is currently only used in part of one district in NYC (out of 31). It used to be used more widely, but that was before Gotham Schools was born.

We do not know the name of the uploader, or of the adult who speaks to the child. We can tell that the off camera adult is not the parent, but that begs the question of who they are, and how they came to make the video.

Undated, unsourced (unsourceable?), anonymous. Why publish it? Link to it? <smh>


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