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…we are asking the DOE to CEASE efforts to implement changes in our evaluation system…

October 19, 2011 pm31 10:14 pm

Distributed at tonight’s UFT Delegate Assembly. The document speaks for itself.

(I have serious doubts about the development of a new evaluation system, far beyond the UFT leadership’s concerns. But given the DoE’s non-collaboration – their contempt for any sense of negotiation, how could the leadership not respond as they do here? – jd)

UFT email to DOE Regarding Evaluations (10/18/11)

As you know on September 20, 2011, Chancellor Walcott and Michael Mulgrew, joined by CSA President Ernest Logan, sent a joint letter to teachers and principals that talked about preliminary work in building a foundation for a possible new evaluation system. The letter clearly stated that there would be no changes to the current evaluation system.

Unfortunately, many schools are ignoring this directive. We continue to receive reports from the field about schools outside the PLA agreement that are training people to use the Charlotte Danielson’s framework as a legal compliance evidence gathering mechanism for the 3020a process.

Consequently, we are asking the DOE to immediately CEASE efforts to implement changes in our evaluation system and send ALL principals a directive instructing them that – with exception of Transformation/Restart schools — they are NOT to implement any changes in the current evaluation system.

It is critical that we go from an evaluation system that does not support teachers to one that becomes a professional growth and development model. That is why we went to Albany to develop and implement legislation that gives us the framework to make these changes. It is an approach that will move our school system forward.

All that hard work is being put in jeopardy by the DOE’s actions. The intent and spirit of all of Danielson’s work is based upon trust, support and engagement, and it is imperative that approach is the focus of our work.

Whoever made the decision that schools outside of the PLA schools should be changing our present evaluation system by “practicing something new” clearly abused the DOE’s authority. The idea was to test this and learn from the pilot schools, not the whole system.

What’s more, the lack of training of both administrators and teaching staff has created many problems. Three days of training for Principals and two days for teachers is not anywhere near enough to do this properly.

As a result of the DOE’s poor instructions and these other factors, any potential for a fair evaluation system based on a growth and development model has been corrupted and the concept is perceived very poorly in the schools.

While we have been involved with the administration in joint training for teachers in the PLA schools regarding Danielson, and discussions regarding the pilot schools, we cannot continue this work if you cannot bring this situation under control.

I need your response to this situation immediately.

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  1. ASTRAKA permalink
    October 22, 2011 am31 1:04 am 1:04 am

    Regarding…..”While we have been involved with the administration in joint training for teachers in the PLA schools regarding Danielson, and discussions regarding the pilot schools, we cannot continue this work if you cannot bring this situation under control.”

    Why did you get involved and what training are you talking about? You guys have sold out all teachers in those 33 schools ! You have zero credibility! You were supposed to represent ALL teachers. The treatment the ATRs are receiving and the harassment the teachers in those PLA schools are receiving is appalling.

    We will remember you on the next UFT election.

  2. bookworm permalink
    October 23, 2011 am31 12:32 am 12:32 am

    I am not in one of the transformation schools or restart schools, yet we are being “Danielsoned” to death. I doubt admin can utter a sentence without the word “Danielson” or “domain” in it at this point. I have a neighbor who works in a different borough and she tells me the same thing – the Danielson model is being forced onto us whether we like it or not. Also, we are being given HUGE checklists and required elements for so-called “data binders”, given only about 5 days to complete a checklist of about 30 items, including goals and work samples from EVERY student, with the threat of disciplinary action should it not be done within the allotted time. We are being kept 30 – 40 minutes beyond our contractual day for ‘Inquiry” meetings, and told we cannot leave until our task is completed. We are being “encouraged” to come to “voluntary” meetings during our lunch periods and reminded that, while we are under no obligation to attend, we will still be held accountable for the information given at the meeting.

    Teachers are so stressed in my building that twice the teacher across the hall from me has asked me to stand in her room while she runs to the bathroom to throw up, one teacher was taken out in an ambulance with chest pain, and another left early feeling ill and went to the doctor only to find that his blood pressure was over 240 and he was in the hospital for two days. And I have seen many teachers in despair and tears after staying after school until 5, 6 o’clock or taking wheelie SUITCASES of work home every night and STILL not being caught up in all the butt-covering, just-for-show BS paperwork.

    Along with the treatment of the ATRs (one of which I was until recently), I have found my union to be lots of talk, with very little action, at least action in MY favor. I hope this is the beginning of a turning of the tide, but you know, it’s a nice beat but I’m not sure I can dance to it.

  3. Tmat permalink
    October 23, 2011 pm31 2:07 pm 2:07 pm


    Your neighbor and you are not alone.

  4. Fed up with it all! permalink
    November 20, 2011 am30 2:02 am 2:02 am

    The APs have ipads with Danielson rubric observation formats in them. So it is easier than ever to include it in drive by observations. No one can possibly be fairly observed.

    More U observations have happened this fall than ever before at my high school.

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