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AMT: Bloomberg is Abusive Admin #1, needs to be recalled

April 22, 2011 pm30 3:25 pm

Anna-Maria Thomas, at the New Action website, names Michael Bloomberg the most abusive NYC administrator, and calls for his recall. What do you think?

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  1. chaz permalink
    April 22, 2011 pm30 4:51 pm 4:51 pm

    I agree with Anna, now that Joel Klein is gone.

  2. jim callaghan permalink
    April 22, 2011 pm30 6:34 pm 6:34 pm

    I agree on Bloomberg but he is down the list if you compare him to the really abusive bosses in New York- all found in at the UFT building at 52 Broadway:
    Mike Mulgrew; and his staff “directors” Ellie Engler, LeRoy Barr and CFO Dave Hickey- all of whom routinely abuse their staff, rig disciplinary hearings, lie, bully, scream, degrade and all the most mendacious actions of any boss in New York. right behind them is NY TEacher editor Deidre McFadyen who loves to run roughshod over her staff, especially if they are over the age of 60 or black (she fired a black writer by claiming she couldnt write!)
    The UFT under Weingarten and Mulgrew and Hickey has fired or demoted five straight black writers- what are the odds?
    Start with the UFT bullies, then you can add Bloomberg.

  3. flaudine permalink
    August 30, 2011 am31 3:14 am 3:14 am

    Jim,is good to see you are continuing your career..
    i am looking forward to your” Book”…
    Looks as if the last chapter could be “UTF BULLIES”

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