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Seattle overtests, parents object, teachers say no

March 19, 2011 am31 9:00 am

Seattle has an adaptive test called the MAP. They give it to all their kids, a few times a year. This computer based thing wastes time, stresses kids, and is used (inappropriately, according to its designer) to evaluate teachers.

With the dumping of Broad-trained Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson, there is hope of losing the awful test as well.

Here, from Seattle, are 15 reasons why the test has to go. (Summary below the fold)

Here’s the SEA (Seattle teachers union) getting on board.

These are just the headings. Go to the Seattle Education blog to read the details. Well worth it.

1.    Lost class time. MAP® = lost opportunity for learning.
2.     Too costly. MAP® = an unfunded mandate.
3.   MAP® creates unequal access and inequity.
4.     The test is currently being misused by SPS to evaluate teachers.
5.      It is excessive.
6.     The MAP® test does not correspond to SPS curriculum.
7.    MAP® is narrowing the curriculum and leading to test-prep instead of teaching.

8.     MAP® is inappropriate and unreliable for K-2.
9.    MAP® is inappropriate for English Language Learners.
10.    MAP® is of limited use for accelerated or advanced students (APP and Spectrum)
11.   MAP® is not necessary.
12.   MAP® is not accurate.
13.   The manner in which the MAP® test product was selected and purchased is highly questionable.
14.   The test is being administered in an inconsistent and nonscientific manner.
15.   The test can be gamed.

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