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PFT rallies to defend Philly teacher who spoke out

March 12, 2011 pm31 4:15 pm

Hope Moffett works at a school that the Philadelphia superintendent wants to close. She spoke out, publicly, strongly, against the closure. As a result, she was suspended, and the District was moving to fire her. Would the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers step up? We have the answer: absolutely.

The closing of Audenried HS is not justified. Hope, a TfAer, said so, clearly. The data were wrong. Audenried, recently reopened, was improving.

The district reassigned her first, and then created charges later. One of the charges was that she shared the letter reassigning her.

And the PFT? First they made a statement. Then a longer, stronger statement. Now they have gone to court, and won a temporary injunction against firing Hope. Next? A demonstration in her defense.

1. If you are in Philly, that’s a Monday rally, 4PM, against bullying and intimidation
2. Nice to see the union moving defense of a member front and center
3. Credit to excellent coverage in The Notebook, the go-to blog source for school news in Philadelphia. Here’s all their Hope coverage.

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  1. March 13, 2011 am31 1:24 am 1:24 am

    It is a shame that such repercussions were reaped from an extremely just outcry. We certainly have freedom of speech, unfortunately not always without unwanted ramifications.

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