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“Layoff List” is more Bloomberg propaganda

February 28, 2011 am28 12:32 am

The layoff list that the DoE issued today, linked in tomorrow’s Times, is a fraud. He is trying to line up political support and public opinion against seniority.

It is a fraud because layoffs are not necessary. The money is there. He wants this crisis.

It is a fraud because he acts as if they are terminations, firings. “Let me fire for cause!  Let me fire my least favorites! There is a budget crisis and I am allowed to fire, er, layoff” He is intentionally conflating layoffs (from which teachers would be rehired) with terminations (which is what he is after).

It is a fraud because seniority is the one measure (length of service) we have that is NOT arbitrary. We all know how long we taught. And we would know, if we were laid off (which should not happen, layoffs are not necessary), but if this bastard lays some of us off, we would know that we would be rehired, by license in seniority order. Not arbitrary order, seniority order.

What are his non-arbitrary alternatives?  U-rated teachers first?  When Us are given out completely arbitrarily? Sorry, no. And that was Bloomberg’s DoE that disciplined this principal. Principals pets exempted? How you ‘respond’ to the principal is the deciding factor?

By the way, way to go DoE/TfA staff. I notice that you are projecting (and you will be wrong!) but you are projecting heavy cuts to art, music, and PE. Save that unnecessary stuff for the private school kids, eh? And who without money really needs libraries (which you have been shutting) or librarians? Neat.

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