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Need a Wisconsin song – Can you help?

February 21, 2011 pm28 11:21 pm

It’s time to add some songs to the mix. We have chants. We have signs (man, are there some great signs out there!)

Today I got an e-mail from David Lippman, a satirical, lefty, anti-war, anti-corporate songwriter. I learned about his music from his mother. She was on staff at my first real job, decades ago, and she got me to see him at the Knitting Factory. He was performing as “George Shrub” from the CIA (Committee to Intervene Anywhere) and I don’t know what I liked the best, if it was the between-songs banter or the faux-spy sun glasses or the Ollie North- Bill Casey love song (You can call me Ollie, Ollie, I will call you Bill – rips off a Paul Simon song), or the indictment of middle class indifference (I got a new car, and troubles of my own, and I just don’t got the time. I won’t think about it, someone else will do it, maybe it will go away).

In any case, I google him up about five years ago, find he still performs, go see him at Arbeter Ring in the east 30s. Now, his mother was there, but she didn’t remember me. Not one bit. Not after I described what I did, where I sat, etc, etc. Maybe she had become forgetful. Maybe I was forgetable. Honestly, I was on good behavior at that time, and might not have stood out in any way.

So today I get an e-mail, he’s on tour again. And his newer topics include the Middle East and bail-out related nonsense. (By the way, Tom Paxton who did Rambling Boy, he’s got a great take down of the corporate handouts somewhere on youtube). But nothing on the events of this last week.

I write back:  If you can’t sing about Wisconsin…

And he answers:  I can. If you write it. I forget, are you on my staff? I just de-unionized them….

So, dear readers, we are looking for some help composing biting anti-Walker, pro-union satire.  Can you write a whole song?  Or a chorus?  Or find a few rhyming words to get him started? A couple of bars for a Mad City beat?

[clarification:  Lippman would probably pretend to be Walker when singing. We are looking for something satirical, in Walker’s voice, or in the voice of one of his corporate sponsors – jd]

Lippman’s website here.

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  1. February 22, 2011 am28 2:37 am 2:37 am

    Here’s a chorus… lyrics may take a bit longer.


    Walker, the union buster,
    Walker, the medicaid grabber
    Koch family, he’s gotta pay
    Walker, the powerplant seller
    Walker, the big government three sixer
    Will you let him have his way?

  2. February 22, 2011 am28 3:00 am 3:00 am

    Ok, here are some verses…

    We didnt hear it coming
    It was crafted in a hidden sorta way
    Hinz was going to a meeting
    Heard it on Washington Radio
    The bill really needs a delay

    Taxpayers are in trouble
    Or at least it seems that way
    The government is bleeding
    But is that the whole story
    Is there another way?

    Unions said we concede our pay
    Dont take our bargaining away
    A third of the budget goes to teaching
    Two other thirds go where?
    What should be cut, what should stay?

    14 Dems went to Illinois
    A fillibuster one could say
    Police and fire are helping
    Public employees just want a fair share
    There has got to be a way

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