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Governor calls for “thoughtful pause” on new charter schools

February 1, 2011 am28 3:24 am

No, not Cuomo. Rhode Island Independent Governor Lincoln Chafee.

Rhode Island promised big moves on charter schools under its Race to the Top application. That was the previous governor’s doing, before the elections.

Now Chafee looks at the thing, and isn’t so sure:

“The main point here is let’s look before we leap,” said Chafee spokesman Mike Trainor. “Governor Chafee believes strongly that before there’s any further expansion of charter schools, we should use the existing 15 charter schools to do some comprehensive, evaluative study of their effectiveness.”

Read more at Rhode Island Public Radio. Hat tip to Tom Hoffman of Tuttle SVC.

Chafee was formerly a liberal Republican Senator. His father, great grand uncle, and great great grandfather were all Republican Rhode Island governors as well. He and his father and several great grand uncles were also Republican Senators. He went to Phillips Academy, his father to Deerfield Academy.


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