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No Waiver for Bloomberg/Black – Sign 2 Petitions

November 13, 2010 pm30 2:10 pm

Any check on the mayor’s authority is positive. And so the horrendous mayoral control law says that to appoint a commissioner without a supe’s license Bloomberg needs to get a waiver from the State, and that waiver should be for exceptional qualifications. And Black doesn’t have them. And so the waiver should be denied. Will we get someone better? I doubt it. We could end up with the “shame of PS8” – although Bloomberg mangled his name at the press conference, makes it seem he’s nowhere in contention. But the check on the mayor, it is worth exercising.

Sign both big petitions:

  • This one is public, and is near 5500 signatures. Very easy to sign. I figure 10,000 early next week.
  • This one generates e-mails to Steiner and New York State officials, including your state senator and assemblyperson. It’s pushing 2000 and growing more slowly, but because it contacts State officials for you, it may be more important to sign. You can hide your signature.
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