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Math Teachers at Play coming Friday…

September 11, 2010 pm30 12:49 pm

The 30th edition of Math Teachers at Play will be published, right here, in 6 days. There is still time to submit an article.

MTaP focuses on teaching mathematics…

  • numbers, arithmetic, fractions, algebra, geometry, more advanced
  • the math itself, teaching the content, running the math classroom, puzzles, games, projects…
  • and there is latitude for quite a bit more. Look at the previous edition, #29.

Want to submit something?

How do you submit an article?  E-mail me at this blog name (it is a gmail account), or use the handy carnival tool. Deadline for this carnival:  first thing Thursday morning.

Also, if you like that sort of stuff, the Carnival of Mathematics #69 was hosted here a week ago, and #70 will appear at Daniel Colquitt’s General Musings.

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