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No longer anonymous

February 26, 2010 pm28 8:52 pm

This blog has been up for almost four years. During that time I have maintained that I was “semi-anonymous” — that it was not hard to figure out who I am, but that I would not use my name or identify my school on here, and that I would not let anyone to use my name or identify my school in the comments.

It worked, sort of, for a while.

But at this point, anyone who I would prefer not to know, knows, or can find out easily. Some colleagues know. My principal, too. DoE Legal. I can tell that parents and students have visited. (they get, I believe, bored really quickly). UFT folks know. Reporters know. My mommy knows (and shares posts she likes with friends). I am left hiding from exactly whom?  IDK.

So a change. I still won’t and you still can’t use my full name, or name my school (in posts or comments). But “JD2718 is…” has been updated with some personal info. It’s a photo from my screen, which is my best attempt at defeating search-engines.

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