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Bronx Rally Against School Closings!

January 11, 2010 am31 3:59 am

Of the four boroughs facing school closings, 20 schools in all, the Bronx got hit disproportionately hard – seven closings including the remaining portion of a large school, Columbus, and a vocational school, Smith. Also School for Community Research and Learning, carved out of Stevenson nine years ago, Global Enterprise in the Columbus campus, Monroe Academy of Business and Law at the site of the first large school to be closed, a replication school: FDA, and New Day Academy.

It’s only right, the roar from the Bronx will be disproportionately loud, disproportionately clear.

The PEP meeting in Brooklyn could seal the fate of each school. We will do our best to stop them. And in the Bronx, the day before, we will rally; our voices will be heard.

January 25
4 PM
Bronx County Courthouse

Rally for education, for students, for teachers, for neighborhoods, and for schools

Rally against Klein, against Bloomberg,
against the disruption of the education of our youth, and against closing schools

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