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Complete survey on proposed credit recovery regs

July 17, 2009 am31 9:39 am

New York State Education Department is soliciting comments on its proposed regulations to govern credit recovery.

NYSUT provides the link.

I am a fan of credit recovery, on a student by student basis, where substantial progress was made in a course, the course credit for that particular course is crucial, and there are one or two specific areas to be made up, remediated, or retaught. I am no fan of mass-produced credit recovery, which rapidly degenerates into seat-time, as in summer school, but with many many fewer hours.

A kid who fails largely due to attendance issues should repeat the course. A kid who mastered no aspect of the course should repeat the course.

In general, the teacher’s professional judgment in grading should be respected. And offering credits outside of the class wholesale does not do that.

In general, kids should learn course material. Granting credit to kids who failed badly, based on a “packet” or a bit of seat time does not do that.

Good credit recovery would respect teachers’ professional judgment, and move kids forward for actual learning.

Bad (NYC-style) credit recovery does neither.

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  1. canwetalk permalink
    July 18, 2009 pm31 3:50 pm 3:50 pm

    I saw the survey posted on two weeks ago. I waited to fill out the survey because I expected the UFT or someone from the union to email all the chapter leaders about it. The deadline to complete this survey, which I feel that every teacher should fill out, is August 17, 2009. But, I am somewhat disappointed that the union leadership did not do an email alert to all the chapter leaders so they may alert all the members Now that you’re bringing it to the fore, I will email my chapter about the survey. However, how many teachers will not know about this survey and will not be able to provide their input? I feel that I should not be learning about these critical decisions/inputs/surveys/opinions through a source that’s not through the UFT eventhough I am grateful to have learned about it because other members are keeping us informed. Thank you.

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