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Reorganization? Or reshuffling the poor?

July 12, 2009 pm31 2:04 pm

The New York City Department of Education closes down bad schools (they often exaggerate or distort the problems) and opens new schools, often smaller, in their place. For example, this year they are beginning to shut down MS399 in the Bronx, below Fordham, and replace it with 3 smaller middle schools. (actually, I think 399 itself is a reorganized school – the building had a different number back when it was Elizabeth Barrett Browning…)

Did Bloomberg and his Chancellor do this on purpose, to harm kids? Or was it by accident?

That’s the picture, and it happens a lot. Shut, shuffle, reopen. They say they are making the schools better.

We say they don’t look at how needy the population is. We say that they often ignore real gains that have been made.

And me, I say that they do this intentionally. They add chaos and disorganization; they break continuity; they add insecurity; they create ATRs; they disrupt education – specifically for those schools, neighborhoods, teachers, families and especially children who most need consistency, continuity, stability.

Daily News exposes something: lies? or just incompetence?

Who’s right? Today’s Daily News has part of the answer. Read it, and ask yourself, “Did the DoE do this on purpose, to harm kids? Or was it just gross incompetence?”

Four schools in bottom 10 in state tests were newly opened

They closed schools making gains (MS399’s scores were rising), and opened some, ahem, that aren’t performing particularly well. The complete article is below the fold:

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  1. July 12, 2009 pm31 9:52 pm 9:52 pm

    This is all part of a bigger picture: People like Bloomberg and klein want public schools to fail and they want families and communities to become disenchanted with them: They want to turn virtually all of the public schools into privately run and organized charter schools. This way all of the “fat cats” get to seize a huge part of the funds slated for “public education”, as they keep trying to say that charter schools are really public schools. They are not; they are actually private schools that are run with public funds or rather a new style voucher system type program. Moreover, people like Bloomberg and Klein want to destroy the public schools so that they can break and destroye the unions in the way that Reagan broke and destroyed the union for the air traffic controllers. Additionally, they want to turn teaching into a temporary career choice and not an actual career so that they won’t have to give anyone a pension or pay anyone a decent salary with benefits.

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