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Resolution Update

May 16, 2009 pm31 12:12 pm

My resolutions this New Year were highly successful (mostly since they were already in the works when I made them): getting a new(er) car, and cutting my hair. I added to them, two weeks later: redoing my bathroom.

While not exactly cheating, they didn’t quite rise to the normally understood status of New Years resolutions. So, the borderlines successfully tucked away, I added 3 good ones in April: walk a mile each day, eat breakfast every day, no more chips.

And how have I done?

Walking: nice walks, 35 minutes at the short end to 3 hours at the long, about 4 times a week. Progress, but I haven’t met the resolution yet.

Breakfast: all but 2 days since mid-April. Success. Even if breakfast has just been a few raw vegetables + coffee.

Chips: not a single one, despite them being left in front of me on several occasions. More success.

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