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When was vacation?

April 25, 2009 pm30 9:10 pm

I didn’t want to come back after last week’s vacation. By Wednesday and Thursday I was starting to relax, and by Friday I was uneasy about returning. Sunday night was awful. And then came the week.

I was exhausted, grouchy, on edge. I snapped a few times, grumbled at people instead of greeting them.

I barked instead of asking. Made myself generally unpleasant. But survived the week.

Now we need to catch up on some blogging. Set theory lessons for integrated algebra. Soon.

But a point here: I don’t think it’s just me. This has been an exhausting year. I’ve been doing this job for a while, but it’s not felt like this before.

And also, I’m at a good place. Nice school, nice kids, colleagues. Administrative is intelligent and collaborative (this week they instituted some changes, hallway stuff, that came out of real consultation with the chapter). So I’m not getting burned by working in a bad place, or by being mistreated. Just exhausted this spring. And can’t wait for June 26…

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  1. May 1, 2009 pm31 12:27 pm 12:27 pm

    Teaching is just plain tiring, JD.

    I get so sick of the comment: “You teachers – you only work for a few hours a day and have long vacations. Do you call that work?”

    It’s a job where you are always on the edge. Most days it works out fine, but then there are the other ones when you go home hating yourself for snapping at the nicest students or some helpful admin person.

    I tell myself about every 10 minutes – Always keep a sense of humor. :-)

    Keep smilin’

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