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Math Teachers at Play #5

April 17, 2009 pm30 7:41 pm

Click here to visit. MTP is back home at Let’s Play Math.

(think about it, great name for a blog, isn’t it? but a better thing to say to kids. Fairly closely related to me saying “puzzle” instead of “problem” – it’s good packaging)

Now in its third month, the new math teaching carnival continues to improve.

This one is big, has five sections: Basics, Arithmetic, Basic Algebra and Geometry, Advanced, Teaching Math.

I have a post in (after forgetting to submit, submitting late, or getting my submission mangled by the tool the last few times).

There are illustrations, poems, apt quotes. It is, in part, a visual carnival.

Part of what’s happening, Denise taps into several different circles. There are math teachers. There are homeschoolers who care about math. And the intersection creates something interesting.

I really liked, by the way, a little fraction puzzle she included.

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