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More resolutions

April 15, 2009 pm30 7:09 pm

On the heels of two (and then a third) highly successful New Years resolutions, I thought I would push my luck and try a few more.

Now, my success was due in large part to two things

  1. these were single event resolutions, not running resolutions; and
  2. I had already completed them, or started them to a degree that there was no looking back.

The new resolutions, all are running resolutions. They will be tougher. But, indeed, I have had them up and running for a week now, so at least there’s the start:

  1. Walk at least an hour each day, preferably in one big chunk. There’s really no reason not to. And if time is tight, I can always leave an hour early, and walk before the day starts.
  2. No chips. Can I make one “no ______” something resolution and keep it? We’ll see.
  3. Breakfast. For years and years breakfast has been coffee, strong, or green tea, brewed and concentrated beyond what most would tolerate. And nothing solid. Not such a good thing. And laziness may prevent me from doing something fancy, or with major preparation. But rinsing a few vegetables and tossing them on a plate, not so hard. Started off today with a carrot, 2 radishes, a celery thingie (stalk?), a little cucumber, and 3 smallish tomatoes. Doable.
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  1. jjman permalink
    April 23, 2009 am30 7:57 am 7:57 am

    Brother and sisters, what no chips? How about french fries?


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