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early spring sunday odds and

April 13, 2009 am30 1:05 am


Saw Sin Nombre last night. Good, but still, wait for Netflix.

First real spring cleaning day. Laundry (ucch). Lots of it. How do I store away clothes, say, for next fall? or, say, that aren’t quite, ahem, fitting just now?

Lost friends week? I wrote Gm (friend from far away); even though we can chat on line, it’s not the same thing, so we don’t, and then we forget to write, too. On a lark, I searched for Ay, hadn’t seen him in years and years; I found a photo of a bald professor at an Australian University. Took me a day to decide it really is him… now I’ll see if he writes back…  And today, Da, out of the blue, called. Hadn’t spoken in maybe 6 years? So, nice things to smile about while I folded (for what seemed like hours). Maybe I’ll try to reconnect with a few more?

A guy named Craig started backpacking a few years ago, and never plans to come back. All web-documented, with photos, at Travelvice.

Bathroom? Done. Kitchen? Next. (new appliances have arrived, making the living room feel a bit, cramped?) That makes 2 + 1 New Years resolutions kept (hair cut, car, bathroom). I rock (for today, at least).

It’s never to early to start planning summer vacation. Among my many open browser tabs right now: Kayak (last search was NY-Sofia), the Coastal Ferries page at Croatia Traveller (Jadrolinija), Novi Sad on WikiTravel (an unlikely stop), the Balkan Pass page on the Europrail site, and DB (German Rail)’s search site (reise auf kunft) – searchable rail schedules for all (most?) of Europe. Who knows? I’ll go somewhere, I’m sure.

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