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Urban Assembly Media comes off Do Not Apply list

February 28, 2009 pm28 7:00 pm

The Urban Assembly Media High School (in the old MLK Bldg on Amsterdam, near Lincoln Center) made it to the Do Not Apply list last summer. And now it is off.

I would like more details, but the key change was getting the principal removed….

Our victories these days are far too few. We should celebrate when we win.

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  1. March 4, 2009 am31 1:35 am 1:35 am

    I don’t know what half ass teacher gives you this crap but just because your ego is huge doesn’t mean that the school’s bad. The Principal stood up for her students, which is not what I see anymore nowadays. sure you may put the schools on the do not apply list but you’re selfish acts will go uncared for, and most likely you’ll die trying to find a ‘nice’ job that caters to your likings of having the administrators rub your feet and have the students call you master. I’m glad my child doesn’t have to interact with the douchebags who agree with this crap or you yourself

  2. ur mother permalink
    March 4, 2009 am31 2:23 am 2:23 am

    you are an asshole and people like you should NOT be allowed to be around children or child’s education. the key WAS NOT getting the principal removed. infact people should be CELEBRATING the fact that prinicipal Delgado lost her job fighting for the equal rights of her children. teaching her children to NOT be the sterotype and that not only can Urban children get into college but through college. PEOPLE like YOU are the reason why lynnette lost her job. she spent ENDLESS DAYS AND NIGHTS fighting fights against people invading and disrupting the children’s daily education with deliveries comming through our basement leveled floor during school hours.THE PEOPLE IN MARTIN LUTHER KING HIGH SCHOOL ARE RACIST AND FEDERAL LAW BREAKERS. Lynnette lost her job trying to only give those principals what they deserve. Those people tamper with security footage evidence and LIE. The ONLY reason why lynnette was brought down was for the simple fact that she CARED about her kids and believed that they do NOT need to be exposed to this type of environment. Urban Assembly media h.s also known as UAM is a home to many of the children that do not have a home or cannot return home until late hrs. IT IS DISGUSTING the fact that you would praise such a horendous and tradgic situation. these children not only lost their prinicipal but a person who was EXTREMELY dedicated to her job and love for the kids. The next time you decide to post some bullshit on the interent. Do the research and know your stuff.


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