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A few more new links

February 1, 2009 am28 4:22 am

Over the last year I added and took away blogs from reader – but didn’t properly update my blog roll. I started correcting that last month, here and here, and today a little more:

  • Math Tales from the Spring – I think I already introduced her, but really, take a look. This latest about the negative effect of NCLB on Special Ed kids in her school is worth special attention. West Texas is so far from here, yet…
  • A new favorite – Chalk Dust Makes Me Sneeze – high school math teacher, Cherry Hill, NJ, posts are short, punchy, and funny (like me sitting here laughing out loud funny). Try the newest posts, or look at this painfully amusing standardized testing anecdote: Can’t I leave just one behind?
  • Believe it or not, I never linked NY Public School Parents. Oversight corrected. That’s a must-read blog for NYC public school politics.
  • Hearts a bubble in the rubble is about to become a math teacher, and was just frustrated by being passed over for a job – there was an RTR interviewing. That one’s tough. We don’t want teachers to get fired. But HBR has a math major, did student teaching, and will likely be snatched up once teachers already on payroll get placed.
  • If you follow education in New York, stick NYSUT‘s top stories feed into your reader. or something like that. I find that they sometimes share more information than either the UFT or the AFT, are more topical, etc, etc. If you don’t read their feed, you can miss stuff.
  • For national ed policy, Bridging Differences is a relatively important read. Deborah Meier and Dianne Ravitch write. It’s not that frequent, and probably not as influential as some thought it would be, but thoughtful, and at the fringes of the center.
  • Sumidiot (see alternate spelling below) is a math grad student who makes sure that there’s some fun while he’s taking it all seriously. Read on:

The Borromean rings are quite possibly my favorite link. It’s 3 circles in space, no two of which are linked, but together, they can’t be unlinked. Fantastic.

He then proceeds to build a set, out of business cards, and post photos. He also has a less fun, more serious fork: a math blog. For those of you who don’t like pictures or color. And his name his Nick. But I like the name, below:


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  1. February 1, 2009 am28 8:27 am 8:27 am

    Thanks for the shout out and your support of my blog. I’m just getting started, but learning more every day! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about the Regents exam. Keep the great posts comin’!

    • February 1, 2009 pm28 9:23 pm 9:23 pm

      Did you read Ms. Cornelius on that 100-0 thing? Great post, from the other end of your state. Brought real tears… Win at all costs. It’s long, but worth it. And there’s the news clip.

  2. sumidiot permalink
    March 10, 2009 am31 1:34 am 1:34 am

    Just stumbled onto this post from looking at my wordpress dashboard. Thanks for the link!


  1. My favorite bad exam target: Math B (and a puzzle) « JD2718

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