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Mac is back

December 1, 2008 am31 12:24 am
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my computer, not the maverick.

Got it from the Apple store. Took it home. Couldn’t reset it. Finally got the keyboard recognized. Then the mouse. Was it this hard to set up in the first place? But the internet? No. No. Just wasn’t happening. All the plugs in the right places. Fiddled, fiddled. Turned off, and on. Set, and reset. Finally I hit the right combination. Must have taken two hours… But the last was the worst. Couldn’t print. Couldn’t see the printer. This was the scariest, because it was so unexpected (stupid of me, right, not to expect everything to be wrong?) but the next day a fresh download of the drivers, with HPs installation software, took care of it.

OK, so what was originally wrong? Idk. But when I started up, I saw an almost empty desktop (horror? surprise?) Only two icons: “Macintosh HD” and “Too Much Stuff on the Desktop!!!!”

Too Much Stuff on the Desktop!!!! is a very very full folder…

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