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ATR Deal – comments, no post

November 21, 2008 am30 12:48 am
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I’ve read the document, but only discussed with a couple of people. And it’s hard blogging without a computer. Quick thoughts:

The RTRs (Teaching Fellows who never had a job and are threatened with firing December 5) are not helped, not harmed, and still in desperate shape.

ATRs really are helped here, and seemingly without cost (although I never trust the DoE; they could try to pull something sneaky. You should never trust the DoE. And if your colleagues, or your representatives, your Chapter Leader, District Rep, Borough Rep, VP, or President ever trusts the DoE, you should reprimand them. Sharply. We are too smart for this.)

Anyway, if the DoE doesn’t have some nasty trick in store, we won. Nice, clean, clear victory, and we get too damned few of those these days.

Will the rally go on Monday? I sure hope so. Little celebration? We deserve it.

Finally, here’s some ATR-posts I’ve commented on over the last few days:

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