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Do Not Apply – new, surprise entry

November 12, 2008 am30 9:02 am

This summer I assembled a special list of schools – career enders.

There are good schools, bad schools, mediocre schools. But in New York City we have a handful of schools that are so poorly run, so out of control, with administrations that are so incompetent, mean, arbitrary, or vindictive, that getting a job in these schools often means ending your career before it starts.

I only got as far as high schools in Manhattan and the Bronx – but it was good information.

Later this week, a school will be added – guaranteed to surprise you, even money to shock.

For now, a glimpse of the current list:


  1. *HS of Art and Design
  2. *Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis HS
  3. *Life Sciences HS
  4. Urban Assembly School for Media Studies (in the MLK building)
  5. *MLK HS of the Arts and Technology

The Bronx:

  1. Bronx Aerospace HS (+) (in the Evander building) (follow up)
  2. Eximius College Prep HS (near Crotona Park) (follow up)
  3. Bronx Theater HS (in the JFK building)
  4. DIscovery HS (in the Walton building)
  5. Fordham HS of the Arts (in the Theodore Roosevelt building)
  6. HS for Performance and Stagecraft (no longer in the Truman building)
  7. Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology (in the Theodore Roosevelt building)
  8. [Pablo Neruda Academy for Architecture and World Studies (in the Stevenson building)]** (disputed)
  9. [Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy]*

The sources for this list are (highly) reliable, but I do not have supporting details for all of them. An asterisk next to a school shows that its inclusion is unconfirmed. I believe my sources, I believe that these schools belong, but I still want confirmation. Pablo Neruda’s inclusion has been actively disputed. More information one way or the other is required to remove the asterisk or to remove the school from the list.

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  1. November 15, 2008 am30 5:17 am 5:17 am

    I’m excited to find out! I want to guess my old high school, but I’m not sure if you’re welcoming guesses so I’ll stay quiet :x

  2. cyndi permalink
    November 19, 2008 pm30 10:02 pm 10:02 pm

    Some bad high schools were divided into smaller communities in order to improve student achievements. As far as I can see,and hear, they just became bad, smaller schools.Springfiels HS in Queens is one. Global school in the Bronx seems headed down. It is scary to walk in some buildings and see mostly disorder. And why can’t administrators give a set of lesson plans to new teachers? What in the h___ are they doing sitting in their offices or walking the halls. ??They are educators – supposedly experienced ones, since they have been elevated in their positions now. If they really want their schools to succeed, they should help their teachers to succeed. Pure emphasis on the students’ needs is not the complete answer. Teachers are human beings too, and they are also students.

  3. ️️️TERRY permalink
    July 9, 2015 pm31 2:26 pm 2:26 pm

    I want to know how to add a school. Cs211 got a new principal this year . She fired my para rep. She got her little coffee clutch together and told them to stay away from me their CL. She is a power hungry soldier. She rating me with a U and an ineffective after twenty years years in the building. Only ass kissers need apply she is sick! Tanya Drummond 19 19 prospect ave . WIrd of warning she expects you to work after school no pay and is constantly threatening me with 3020 after all S and ineffective for years . Beware !


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