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NYC DoE moves to restrict political expression

September 30, 2008 am30 12:41 am

I received this in today’s e-mail:

The DOE is disputing the right of our members to wear political buttons in schools. Our view is that there is a long line of First Amendment cases that hold that as long as individuals (including public employees) are not causing disruption or engaged in active electioneering or proselytizing, they have a right to exercise their freedom of speech at work, which include wearing political buttons.
UFT President Randi Weingarten is fighting the DOE’s decision.
We are sending this email to you to make you aware of this ongoing dispute. Please spread the word to members in your chapter.
LeRoy Barr
Director of Staff

I, defacto, feel less constrained as a math teacher (who else can impart perfect universal truths to their charges) than I would as a social studies teacher. I think that, unless a member has a problem, that I will only really learn where these limits are if I happen to cross them.

But that’s speaking for me. Speaking for teachers, I think the attempt to curtail legitimate speech is outrageous, and unsurprisingly. Cream rises to the top. Slime oozes into everything.


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