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Milestone missed

July 25, 2008 pm31 8:08 pm

I missed a milestone for this blog – jd2718 passed a quarter of a million hits last week. And 400,000 page views is coming up Monday or Tuesday.

The important stuff is public education in NYC, math, math pedagogy and union, but it is salary that draws. Except the math regents stuff this June, and the Do Not Apply/ teaching fellows stuff currently. Anyhow, the numbers are up, rising faster than last year, and the views per visit has also risen, slightly, but noticeably.

Suggestions, comments, requests for digging other stuff up, all welcome. But whether you comment, lurk, read salary schedules, look for links… Thanks for coming, and thanks for putting up with all the other stuff.


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  1. July 25, 2008 pm31 10:39 pm 10:39 pm

    That’s madness. You’re on fire. Well done, sir.

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