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jd2718 summer 08 NOLA

July 18, 2008 am31 1:43 am

I almost waited too long to make summer plans. Had to schedule my school, and planned on working with new teachers, brief family visits, but anything else?

There were only a very few real options: Alaska, teacher-union organizing, Math teacher conference outside Syracuse, Atlantic Canada, earning a few credits here in NY, doing a bit more in southern New England.

I thought more about the AFT’s summer organizing. And I applied.

And today, I was selected. Two weeks organizing teachers in New Orleans. Damn, I’m excited!

And the rest? Alaska will still be there, and my ex-colleague will still be there (for a while, at least), and I will visit, one day. Atlantic Canada I will get to sooner. Looking at those photos, reading the descriptions, plus Sarai gave me some extra encouragement – I will go next time I have a 5 – 10 day window – likely next summer, but could crop up sooner. Courses? Yeah, I have to take them. Eventually. Southern New England? Please. That was desperation. Lovely places, I’m sure, but not my vacation spots. And I’ll speak at the next big NYS math conference (old-fashioned constructions) and I’m invited to speak at the biggest regional one next spring.

But next month is NOLA and organizing, and I’m excited.

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