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CUNY PSC Contract

July 5, 2008 pm31 7:26 pm

From time to time I attend Professional Staff Congress Delegate Assemblies. I belong to two AFT locals: Local 2 is the UFT, and local 2334 is the PSC (represents professors and adjuncts and higher education officers and a lot more titles at the City University of New York’s various campuses and non-campus locations).

This week, they brought a contract agreement to the DA, to be recommended back to the membership. It was striking that the expectations of the PSC are so different from those of the UFT. They hotly debated what is 95% a non-concessionary contract, and debated it hard and angry, because it did not make much progress addressing past inequities.

The past inequities are historic, not the result of union concessions. I believe (need to research a bit) that this leadership was voted in with a mandate to address exactly these issues, and that they made a dent in them in the previous agreement (I believe the first they negotiated). So the debate I heard was over not making enough progress.

I will dig, learn more, and post more. This all seems quite foreign to a UFTer.

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