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Texas delegates 110-105

April 1, 2008 pm30 3:45 pm

With the second round conventions done, Obama now has a likely lead in Texas delegates, 110-105. (or 99-95, reported at RCP, excluding superdelegates)

The most-cited count had them tied 103-103 before the weekend. (Washington Post’s primary map – hover for results)

Clinton won the primary, 51% – 47%, and from those results took a lead in delegates 65 – 61 (CNN’s graphic page)

Each has 11 superdelegates: (though Politico reports 11-10, Clinton)
Clinton’s include Henry Cuellar,  Gene Green, Ruben Hinojosa, Sheila Jackson Lee, Solomon Ortiz, Silvestre Reyes, Jim Wright
Obama’s include  Lloyd Doggett, Chet Edwards,  Charlie Gonzalez, Al Green,  Eddie Bernice Johnson

Obama led in most caucus delegate counts, 31 – 27. But this weekend that shifted to 38-29 (Yahoo reports him winning 7 additional to Clinton’s 2 additional).

There remain 10 undeclared superdelegates, and one for Edwards. That’s 226. Texas has 228 in total, but I don’t know where the other 2 come from.

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