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Credit – Mayor’s a sleaze

September 29, 2007 am30 6:41 am

I just finished bashing NYC Ed. Not because he wrote a smart aleck-y post that sounded the only note he knows: things stink for teachers in NYC because of Unity. Not because his conclusion was unrelated to his subject. Nah, that stuff’s his bread and butter. I wrote because I wrote on a blog with obviously good intentions, and he chose to ignore them. He annoyed me.

Who'll give me credit for my credit score?Anyhow, I thought, if I react when he annoys me, then I should give him credit when good stuff appears on his blog. And was I surprised! A reasoned expose of the Mayor’s lousy attitude to women appeared today. Nothing smart-alecky, snarky, self-congratulatory. Just a well-reasoned post. Go read it.

Oh yeah, turns out someone else wrote it.

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