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2718 talks, WashPost listens

September 27, 2007 am30 7:09 am

Just days ago I suggested in this space that if we were intending to amend NCLB, we should instead claim that we are dumping it and replacing it with something else.

And today’s Washington Post reports on just that, sort of. Even George Miller wants to change the name. Turns out, it’s not just my idea, and it’s not even being used as a way to dump and replace. Oh well.

Suggestions include:

  • Quality Education for All Children Act
  • amending Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
  • Children First!
  • No Child Left a Brain Act
  • All the Money Left Behind Act
  • New Partnerships for Student Achievement
  • Educating Americans for Today’s World
  • The Lifelong Economic Security Act
  • Give Children a Fair Chance Act.

Thanks to David of Lost in the Ozone (I’m guessing that that’s Ozone Park), a NYC Biology teacher.

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  1. David M. Quintana permalink
    September 29, 2007 pm30 10:38 pm 10:38 pm

    Thanks for the link…you’re right, I live in ozone park in Queens…But I’m not a biology teacher – I’m actually an involved parent of a new york city public school student at the high school for art, imagination and inquiry on the martin luther king, jr campus near lincoln center…and a member of the chancellor’s parents advisory council (cpac)…thanks, again..

  2. September 30, 2007 am30 12:22 am 12:22 am

    Not a shabby commute. Bus to the railroad to a bus? Or bus to a train? Yeeks. I think that’s Q41 territory. Kids make it from Ozone Park to Bronx Science, but there’s private bus service…

    That council is the same one that Patrick is on? That would be two of you I lured to comment on this blog. Almost notable, I guess.

    And I guess I assumed you taught bio since bio teachers figure prominently in some of your posts. You still do the environmental stuff though, right?

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