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And now for some different fare…

September 5, 2007 am30 6:09 am

A few posts about or by teachers elsewhere:

Browneyed Girl (name and school anonymous) got a comment warning her that her blogging my be violating some federal regulations. Read how thoughtfully she responds, and look how helpful her readers are.

Math Wars are raging in nearby Ridgewood, New Jersey. District wants to ask students probing questions such as “how do big numbers make you feel?” and parents want multiplication done only using Roman Numerals. Chiseled into granite. Too bad teachers aren’t speaking up for the sensible center. Widening gyre and all that.

Yonkers teachers have a contract in front of them. The vote is now, and we are waiting for details. Let’s see if a major metro New York teachers union can get a raise without paying for it with givebacks. As a back story, a Yonkers teachers strike almost 10 years ago led to a large raise, setting the stage for NYC’s United Federation of Teachers to negotiate several time-for-money swaps, in an unsuccessful attempt to keep up.

Teacher on the Edge is all revved up and ready to do great union work in her school. So why is she stuck dealing with bossy teachers trying to control what she teaches?

Mocking me! I just deleted a bunch of porn link spam. The message in the body of each post: Order of Operations on Google.

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