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How Open is the Open Market?

July 16, 2007 am31 6:06 am

Read this second year teacher’s take on the difficulties she is facing. Anecdotally, this seems more the rule than the exception.

(This image is not linked to any real job offers)

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  1. Just exessed in NYC on August 2, 2007 permalink
    August 3, 2007 am31 10:09 am 10:09 am

    Sounds awful!

    I just got excessed on August 2. It is distressing. I was willing to work with more difficult students and to teach something altogether different, in order to keep my job, and I had no absences and took over for someone who was unreliable, and got along well with others, did a sensational job within an area I never taught before. Built egos of students, was generous with them and with grading, Tried to build self esteem, to no avail. How am I supposed to get another job turning 50 soon and without other options, as I refused interviews because I was happy, found my niche and wanted to make a go of it in the school. I was loyal. Why? I asked if I would be back in September and was told Yes, my AP said she didn’t know about the excessing until now, on August 1, when she called to let me know a letter was coming. She was kind and thoughtful and it was out of her hands, but why would anyone take away a loyal worker’s means of life support and self-esteem by destabilizing them with excessing? Why last minute? It is not fair or moral to do it last minute when the teachers must return later this month.I am scheduled to go away for two weeks in August. I can’t change that. How can I live with all my credentials and only discrimination due to age, possibly ethnicity, etc. I was told it was not personal, but having my livelihood, my mission, my purpose and ego intact, and not getting notified with enough advance notice, that is just plain cruel!

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