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Open market transfers – practical items

April 30, 2007 pm30 11:29 pm

The open market transfer period opened early last week.  To view the site:

Click “sign in” to proceed:

If it is your first time, you will need to register. The DoE says you need Internet Explorer or Netscape, but Firefox worked fine (social security got spread onto three lines. Big deal).

Your user id is ABBBXXXX where A is your first initial, B is the first 3 letters of your last name, and XXXX is the last four digits of your social security number.

(more beneath the fold —->)This year’s form is different from last year’s. The biggest change is that you can attach a cover letter and a resume (looks like the only take unformatted text, but did you expect more?) The threat to include your salary directly on the form? Never happened. But they can look it up anyway.

But you probably don’t want to go today, except to register. There are hardly any vacancies listed (49, same as on Friday.) Why? The system will pick up vacancies from Galaxy (one of the DoE’s computer systems. I think this one is for school-level budgeting/personnel) but it was not possible to post vacancies on Galaxy from April 23. They will start again this Wednesday, May 2, so you may want to start looking then.

But if you are really looking for an open market transfer, ask around. The whispers are that many schools are hiring without posting, and then will do a pro forma posting once they have already chosen a candidate. An informal network might be quite valuable.

Oh, did I say this system stinks?

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  1. Joelle permalink
    July 8, 2008 am31 5:14 am 5:14 am

    Is it unwise to take an open market transfer if you’re on the top pay scale and are in your tenth year? I’m afraid to lose my tenure and then not be rehired the following year. Am I being paranoid or cautious?

  2. July 8, 2008 am31 5:44 am 5:44 am

    Once you have tenure in NYC, you don’t lose it by transferring (in the same license – not sure what happens if you switch license)

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