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February 18, 2007 pm28 12:18 pm

Kelly tagged me for a meme. I’m supposed to list 7 qualities that you don’t know about me that make me a good leader. I am running for a UFT office position on the New Action slate, but I am pretty certain that Kelly did not have that in mind when she tagged me. I don’t know about this. It’s a tough list. I think some of my answers sound silly; others boastful. That’s not my intent; this is hard. I can’t include things you likely already know.

  • I like to look at situations from the points of view of the people I am working against (an extension of my ability not just to see errors in students’ work, but to explain how that error probably occurred)
  • I despise injustice and unfairness. When someone is treated unfairly, I feel it to my core, and sometimes experience it as mild nausea.
  • I never ask anyone to do anything that I would not do. Never.
  • I am very easy to underestimate.
  • While I hate being criticized, I invite criticism and accept it seriously; I agree with some and disagree with some, but I hear it (new, as an adult)
  • My listening is ok, but could be better, but know that I should work on it, so I do, and it does improve (new, as an adult)
  • I share decision-making. (that might not be new, since it filters through some of my class decisions that I have posted about on this blog)

Finally, I am supposed to tag five more people. If you want the tag, grab it. Just put your name in the comments, and say that it is you (with a number). If/when we reach #5, we are done.

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