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New Action/UFT: “…if the educators are not involved…”

February 8, 2007 am28 9:27 am

“…if the educators are not involved
wise educational decisions will not be made…”

New Action/UFT urges a “Yes” vote on the bipartisan resolution dealing with the Department of Education’s proposed reorganization for New York City public schools. We do so for several reasons:

  • This reorganization continues a pattern of refusing to involve professional educators in the most crucial decisions involving the entire educational community. The resolution delineates the negative impact of the new proposal.
  • The resolution comdemns the DOE’s proposal, and sets forth a goal (that the ‘chapter play a role in all educational decision making at the school level”) and actions to achieve that goal.

(this retyped leaflet appeared February 7, 2007, and continues below the fold) ——>

Five years ago New Action/UFT warned of the dangers of the Klein/Bloomberg top-down corporate model of management. Unfortunately we were correct. That assault continues today with attacks on tenure and pensions, expanding privatization, and school-based financing which is a disguised attack on seniority. During those years New Action did not sit passively on the sideline just criticizing. We have worked with the leadership, at times supportive and at times critical, trying to activate and organize the membership so that we can fight the forces that seek to destroy the UFT and unions in New York City.

Because of New Action, today’s motion seeks to restore the collegiality and cooperation that is essential but unfortunately absent in too many schools. Many of us understand that lip-service is not enough. The proposed actions in this motion continue a New Action tradition of refusing to remain passive and instead activating the membership to reach our goal.

Many of you remember that not too long ago New Action organized informational picketing, involving thousands of UFT members at hundreds of schools, in order to make salary parity a UFT negotiating priority and then a contractual reality. We were successful in that effort.

Through our work on many UFT committees we have and continue to have a positive impact on the policies of our union. There continue to be differences. At times we are frustrated by the pace of enacting policy – even when there is total agreement. But New Action continues to believe that the membership is best served by finding common ground to work with the leadership. There are too many enemies and the stakes are too high to do otherwise. New Action will continue to be an independent choice for members of the UFT.

Again we urge a “Yes” vote on today’s “Listen to Teachers…” motion.


  • Begin a campaign to regain items lost in the 2005 contract – New Action opposed that contract
  • Establish a realistic Action Plan to end administrative harassment and intimidation of teachers
  • Set up a city-wide program to effectively deal with disruptive students who prevent learning in our classrooms
  • Win a 55/25 pension for all members and improvements in the COLA for our retirees
  • Reestablish seniority rights for educators excessed in the breakup of large schools
  • Fight all attempts to privatize school services and take jobs away from our members

[note: the resolution passed, unanimously or close to it. I will either type it at a later date, or link to it if it appears elsewhere – jd2718]

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